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ASHES TO ASHES, by Dale Andrade, non-fiction, ISBN 0-669-20014-X

AUGUST PATRIOT, by Leland G. Stephens, novel, ISBN 0-9652741-0-1

BRAVE MEN DARK WATERS, by Orr Kelly, non-fiction, ISBN 0-89141-408-8

BROKEN SEALS, by Larry Simmons, fiction, ISBN 1-883955-20-3

BY SEA, AIR, AND LAND, by Edward J. Marolda, non-fiction, ISBN 0-16-035938-4

CLASS-29 UDT SEAL, by John Carl Roat, non-fiction, Janke, Humphries, Hawes Publishers

COMBAT CORPSMAN, by Greg McPartlin, Vietnam memoir, non-fiction, ISBN-13: 978-0425205822

COMBAT SWIMMER, by Captain Robert A. Gormly, autobiography, ISBN 0-525-94326-9

COMING FULL CIRCLE, Living With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, by D. H. Morris, non-fiction, ISBN 978-0578-04128-5

COMMANDOS FROM THE SEA, by John B. Dwyer, non-fiction, ISBN 0-87364-960-5

DARING TO WIN, by David Eshel, non-fiction, ISBN 1-85409-283-9

DEATH IN THE DELTA, by Gary R. Smith, non-fiction, ISBN 0-8041-0943-5

DEATH IN THE JUNGLE, by Gary R. Smith, non-fiction, ISBN 0-87364-802-1

DESTINATION GOLD Rogue Warrior, by Richard Marcinko, novel, ISBN 0-671-89673-3

DEVILS WITH GREEN FACES, by Jerry J. Fletcher, autobiography, ISBN 0-9623574-2-1

DOWN RANGE, by Dick Couch, non-fiction, ISBN 1-4000-8100-9

ITHE EDUCATION OF LIEUTENANT KERREY, by Gregory L. Vistica, non-fiction, ISBN 0-312-28547-7

EVERY DAY IT GOT BETTER , by Enrico Togna, autobiography, ISBN 0-53314019-6

EVERYTHING WE HAD, by Al Santoli, non-fiction, ISBN 0-345-32279-7

EXPLOITS OF U.S. NAVY FROGMEN IN KOREA, by Phil Carrico, non-fiction, ISBN 1-88774-527-0

FIFTIES FROGS - Journal of the Underwater Demolition Teams, by Don Belcher and Bob Blann – self published

FIRST SEAL, by Roy Boehm, autobiography, ISBN 0-671-53625-7

FORCE 10 - USA vs. MILITIA, by Ian Slater, fiction, ISBN 0-449-00558-5

FREE FIRE ZONES, by Kevin Dockery, non-fiction, ISBN 0-7394-1275-2

FROGMAN FIRST BATTLES, by William Schofield and P. J. Carisella, non-fiction, ISBN 0-8283-1998-7

FROGMEN IN ACTION, by Frances Berres, non-fiction, Harr Wagner Publishing Co. (1959)

GOOD TO GO, by Harry Constance and Randall Fuerst, autobiography, ISBN 0-688-15249-X

GOODBYE DARKNESS (WWII), by William Manchester, non-fiction, ISBN 0-440-32907-8

HAND TO HAND COMBAT (Amphibious Scouts), non-fiction, U.S Naval Amphib Training Base, Ft. Pierce

HIDDEN HEROES, by Teresa R. Staudt, non-fiction, private printing

HOOYAH! UDT/SEAL STORIES OF THE 1960s, by Nick Nickelson, ISBN 1-93267-328-8

HUNTERS AND SHOOTERS, by Bill Fawcett, non-fiction, ISBN 0-688-12664-2

I AIN'T GOT TIME TO BLEED, by Jesse Ventura, autobiography, ISBN 0-375-50332-3

I AM SOMEBODY, by Bernard Waddell, autobiography, ISBN 0-933341-04-0

INSIDE THE U.S. NAVY SEALs, by Gary Stubblefield, non-fiction, ISBN 0-7603-0178-6

IT DOESN'T TAKE A HERO, by General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, autobiography, ISBN 0-553-08944-7

JUST A SAILOR, by Steven L. Waterman, autobiography, ISBN 0-8041-1937-6

JUST CAUSE, by Malcolm McConnell, non-fiction, ISBN 0-312-06383-0

KILLING ZONE, by Gary Stubblefield and Mark Monday, non-fiction, ISBN 0-87364-786-6

KOREA REMEMBERED, by Charles F. Cole, autobiography, ISBN 1-8881325-13-X

LONE SURVIVOR - The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10, by Marcus Luttrell with Patrick Robinson, non-fiction, ISBN 0-316-06759-8

MASTER CHIEF, by Gary R. Smith, autobiography, ISBN 0-8041-1091-3

MEN IN GREEN FACES, by Gene Wentz, non-fiction, ISBN 0-312-95052-7

MODERN ELITE FORCES, by Max Walmer, non-fiction, ISBN 0-668-06064-6

MORE THAN SCUTTLEBUTT - The U. S. Navy Demolition Men in WWII, by Sue Ann Dunford and James Douglas O'Dell, non-fiction

NAM VET, Making Peace With Your Past, by Chuck Dean, Library of Congress Card Catalog Number 88-90922

NAVY SEALS, A HISTORY OF THE EARLY YEARS, by Kevin Dockery, non-fiction, ISBN 0-425-17825-0

NAVY SEALS, A HISTORY PART II, by Kevin Docker, non-fiction, ISBN 0-425-18348-3

NAVY SEALS, A HISTORY PART III, by Kevin Dockery, non-fiction, ISBN 0-425-19034-X

NAVY SEALS BLACKLIGHT, by Mike Murray, novel, ISBN 0-451-19971-5

NEVER FIGHT FAIR, by Orr Kelly, non-fiction, ISBN 0-671-53266-9

NO GUTS, NO GLORY – Unmasking Navy SEAL Imposters, by Steve Robinson,  ISBN 0-9723585-1-X

ONE DAY TOO LONG, by Timothy N. Castle, non-fiction, ISBN 0-231-10316-6

POINT MAN, by Chief James Watson, autobiography, ISBN 0-380-71986-X

RED ICE, by R. L. Crossland, fiction, ISBN 0-595-15013-6

RISING WIND, by Dick Couch, novel, ISBN 1-55750-133-5

ROBERTS RIDGE, A Story of Courage and Sacrifice on Takur Ghar Mountain, Afghanistan, by Malcolm MacPerson, non-fiction, ISBN 0-553-80363-8

ROGUE WARRIOR, by Richard Marcinko, autobiography, Pocket Books

ROGUE WARRIOR II RED CELL, by Richard Marcinko, novel, ISBN 0-671-79956-8

SCOUTS AND RAIDERS, by John B. Dwyer, non-fiction, ISBN 0-275-94409-3

SEAL!, by Lt. Cmdr. Michael J. Walsh, autobiographical, ISBN 0-671-86853-5

SEAL Combat Boarding Manual, published by Paladin Press, ISBN 0-87364-686-X

SEALS EAGLE FORCE Desert Thunder, by Orr Kelly, novel, ISBN 0-380-79114-5

SEALS IN ACTION, by Kevin Dockery, non-fiction, ISBN 0-380-75886-5

SEALS STRATEGIC WARFARE, by Mike Martell, novel, ISBN 0-380-80827-7

SEALs The U.S. Navy Commandos, by Eric Micheletti, non-fiction, ISBN 2908-182-35

SEALS, The Warrior Breed, BRONZE STAR, by H. Jay Riker, novel, ISBN 0-380-76970-0

SEALS, The Warrior Breed, MARKS OF VALOR, by H. Jay Riker, novel, ISBN 0-380-78557-9

SEALS, The Warrior Breed, MEDAL OF HONOR, by H. Jay Riker, novel, ISBN 0-380-78556-0

SEALS, The Warrior Breed, NAVY CROSS, by H. Jay Riker, novel, ISBN 0-380-78555-2

SEALS SNIPER TRAINING PROGRAM, published by Paladin Press

SEALs, UDT, FROGMEN: Men Under Pressure, by Darryl Young, non-fiction, ISBN 0-8041-1064-6

SEALS UDT/SEAL Operations in Vietnam, by Tim Bosiljevac, non-fiction, ISBN 0-8041-0722-X

SEAL TEAM COMBAT MISSIONS, by Jim Watson & Mark Roberts, novel, ISBN 1-56171-328-7

SEAL TEAM ONE, by Dick Couch, novel, ISBN 0-380-76115-7

SEAL TEAM ROLL-BACK, by by Tim Bosiljevac, novel, ISBN 0-380-78714-8

SEAL TEAM SEVEN NUCFLASH, by Keith Douglas, novel, ISBN 0-425-14881-5

SEAL TEAM TWO, TWENTY-FIVE YEARS, by CDR Ryan J. McCombie, non-fiction

SILENT DESCENT, by Dick Couch, novel, ISBN 0-425-14335-X

SILENT OPTION, by Larry Simmons, novel, ISBN 0-671-55281-3

SPECIAL WARFARE SPECIAL WEAPONS, by Kevin Dockery, non-fiction, ISBN 1-883476-00-3

SPLASHDOWN! NASA and the Navy, by Don Blair, non-fiction, ISBN 1-56311-985-4

STOLEN VALOR - HOW THE VIETNAM GENERATION WAS ROBBED OF ITS HEROES AND ITS HISTORY, by B. G. Burkett and Glenna Whitley, non-fiction, ISBN 1-56530-284-2

TASK FORCE BLUE Rogue Warrior, by Richard Marcinko, novel, ISBN 0-671-79958-4

TEAMMATES: SEALS AT WAR, by Barry W. Enoch, non-fiction, ISBN 0-671-56830-2

TEARS OF A WARRIOR, by Janet J. Seahorn, non-fiction, ISBN 978-0-615-21317-0

THE COMMANDOS, by Douglas C. Waller, non-fiction, ISBN 0-440-22046-7

THE EDUCATION OF LIEUTENANT KERREY, by Gregory L. Vistica, non-fiction, ISBN 0-312-28547-7

THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE, by Darryl Young, non-fiction, ISBN 0-8041-0581-2

THE FINISHING SCHOOL – Earning the Navy SEAL Trident, by Dick Couch, non-fiction, ISBN 1-4000-4654-8

THE GUTS TO TRY, Iran Hostage Rescue Mission, by Col. James H. Kyle, non-fiction, ISBN 0-935810-54-4

THE MEN BEHIND THE TRIDENT, by Dennis J. Cummings, non-fiction, ISBN1-55750-139-4

THE NAKED WARRIOR, by Cdr. Francis Douglas Fane, non-fiction, ISBN 1-55750-266-8

THE RESCUE OF BAT 21, by Darrel D. Whitcomb, non-fiction, ISBN 1-55750-946-8

THE SHERIFF OF RAMADI, by Dick Couch, non-fiction, ISBN 978-1-59114-138-9

THE TEAMS, by Kevin Dockery and Bill Fawcett, non-fiction, ISBN 0-688-14964-2

THE UNSUNG HERO, by Suzanne Brockmann, fiction, ISBN 0-8041-1952-X

THE U.S. FROGMEN OF WORLD WAR II, by Wyatt Blassingame, non-fiction, Random House

THE WARRIOR ELITE – The Forging of SEAL Class 228, by Dick Couch, non-fiction, ISBN 0-609-60710-3

THE WATER IS NEVER COLD, by James Douglas O'Dell, non-fiction, ISBN 1-57488-275-9

THE WORLD'S ELITE FORCES, by Walter N. Lang, non-fiction, ISBN0-517-64643-9

TO BE A U. S. NAVY SEAL by Cliff Hollenbeck & Dick Couch, non-fiction, ISBN 0-7603-1404-7

TOO TOUGH TO DIE by Gator Brown, A Memoir of Vietnam. ISBN 978-1-60585-352-951799

UNLEASHING THE WARRIOR WITHIN, by Richard J. Machowicz, non-fiction, ISBN 0-7868-6569-5

U. S. NAVY SEAL COMBAT MANUAL, Elite Unit Tactical Series, 0502-LP-190-0650

U. S. NAVY SEAL PATROL LEADER’S HANDBOOK, by Paladin Press, non-fiction, ISBN 13: 978-0-87364-778-6

U.S. NAVY SEALs, by Hans Halberstadt, non-fiction, ISBN 0-87938-781-5

U.S. NAVY SEALs, by Samuel M. Katz, non-fiction, ISBN 962-361-713-5

U.S. NAVY SEALs, by Ian Padden, non-fiction, ISBN 0-553-24954-1

U.S. NAVY SEALs, by Tom Streissguth, non-fiction, ISBN 1-56065-282-9

U.S. Navy SEALs IN ACTION, by Hans Halberstadt, non-fiction, ISBN 0-87938-993-1

U.S. NAVY SEALs in Color Photographs, by Robert Genat, non-fiction, ISBN 1-85915-000-4

WALKING POINT, by Chief James Watson, autobiography, ISBN 0-688-14302-4

WARRIOR SOUL, by Chuck Pfarrer, Memoir of a Navy SEAL, ISBN 1-4000-6036-2

WEAPONS OF THE ELITE FORCES, by David Miller, non-fiction, ISBN 0-8317-5057-X

WHATTAYA MEAN, I CAN'T KILL 'EM?, by Rad Miller, Jr., non-fiction, ISBN 0-8041-1766-7

WHEN I WAS A YOUNG MAN by Bob Kerrey, a memoir, non-fiction, ISBN 0-15-100474-9

WORLD WAR II IN FORT PIERCE by Robert A. Taylor, non-fiction, ISBN 0-7385-0134-4

Related Subjects - Good Reading

ABOUT FACE, by Colonel David H. Hackworth, non-fiction, ISBN 0-671-52692-8

AIRCRAFT OF THE VIETNAM WAR, by Lou Drendel, non-fiction, a pictoral review

AIRMOBILITY IN VIETNAM, by Lieutenant General John J. Tolson, non-fiction, ISBN-13: 978-0405142260

AMERICA’S FIGHTERS of the 1970S: F-14 AND F-15, by Robert C. Stern, non-fiction, ISBN 0-85368-608-4

AT THE EYE OF THE HURRICANE, by Greg Walker, non-fiction, ISBN 0-8041-0955-9

BIG STORY, by Peter Braestrup, non-fiction, ISBN 0-89141-531-9

BLIND MAN'S BLUFF, by Sherry Sontag & Christopher Drew, non-fiction, ISBN 1-891620-08-8

CALLED TO SERVE, by James “Bo” Gritz, non-fiction, ISBN 0-916095-38-4

COMMANDOS FROM THE SEA (Soviet), by Yuriy F. Strekhnin, non-fiction ISBN 1-55750-832-1

CRUSADE, The Untold Story of the Persian Gulf War, by Rick Atkinson, non-fiction, ISBN 0-395-60290-4

DAK TO, by Edward F. Murphy, non-fiction, ISBN 0-89141-429-0

DARING TO WIN, Special Forces at War, by David Eshel, non-fiction, ISBN1-85409-283-9

DUST OFF, Army Aeromedical Evacuation in Vietnam, by Peter Dorland, non-fiction, ISBN-13: 978-1105637834

EYEWITNESS, by Richard Lacayo and George Russell, photojournalism, non-fiction, ISBN 1-883013-06-2

FACING THE PHOENIX, by Zalin Grant, non-fiction, ISBN 0-393-02925-5

GOING DOWNTOWN, The War Against Hanoi and Washington, non-fiction, ISBN-13: 978-0517567388

GRANITE SEA, Navigating the U.S. Navy Memorial, by Thomas Coldwell, non-fiction, ISBN 0-9619812-1-0

GREAT RAIDS IN HISTORY, by Samuel A. Southworth, non-fiction, ISBN1-885119-42-9

GREEN BERETS AT WAR, by Shelby L. Stanton, non-fiction, ISBN 0-89141-574-2

GUNS THROUGH ARCADY (BURMA), by Robert Slater, non-fiction, Diocesan Press (1941)

HONOR BOUND -Am. Prisoners of War in S.E. Asia, by Stuart Rochester, ISBN 1-55750-694-9

INTO LAOS, by Keith William Nolan, non-fiction, ISBN 0-89141-247-6

KERRY, Agent Orange and an American Family, by Clifford Linedecker, ISBN 0-440-14516-3

KNIVES OF THE U.S. MILITARY IN VIETNAM, by M. W. Silvey, non-fiction, ISBN 0-9655544-0-6

KNIVES OF THE U.S. MILITARY WORLD WAR II, by M. W. Silvey, non-fiction, ISBN 0-9655544-1-4

KOREA, THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE WAR, by Joseph C. Goulden, non-fiction, ISBN 0-07-023589-5

LIEUTENANT CALLEY, His Own Story, by John Sack, non-fiction, SBN 670-42821-3

LRRP'S IN ACTION, by John Burford, non-fiction, ISBN 0-897-312-2

MARINE SNIPER, Ninety-Three Confirmed Kills, by Charles Henderson, non-fiction, ISBN 0-8128-3055-5

MODERN FIREARM SILENCERS, by J. David Truby, non-fiction, ISBN 0-87364-666-5

MODERN US NAVY, by John Jordan, non-fiction, ISBN 0-668-05505-7

MORE THAN SCUTTLEBUTT -THE U.S. NAVY DEMOLITION MEN IN WWII, by Sue Ann Dunford and James D. O'Dell, non-fiction

MY FATHER, MY SON, by Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, Jr., autobiography, ISBN 0-02-633630-8

NAM, A PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORY, by Leo J. Daugherty and Gregory L. Mattson, non-fiction, ISBN 1-58663-083-0

ONE DAY TOO LONG (Vietnam), by Timothy N. Castle, non-fiction, ISBN 0-231-10316-6

ONE TOUGH MARINE, by Donald N. Hamblen, autobiography, ISBN 0-8041-1031-X

PLATOON LEADER: A MEMOIR OF COMMAND IN COMBAT, by James R. Mcdonough, non-fiction, ISBN 0-891-41800-8

POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER, by Tom Williams, Psy.D., non-fiction, Disabled Amer. Vet.

PRESS ON! By Chuck Yeager, non-fiction, ISBN 0-553-05333-7

REPORT ON NORTH AFRICA, by Kenneth Crawford, non-fiction, Farrar & Rinehart, Inc.

RIVERINE - Mekong Delta, by Don Sheppard, non-fiction, Presidio Press

RIVERINE OPERATIONS, Vietnam Studies 1966-1969, by William B. Fulton, non-fiction, Library of Congress 72-600370

RUSSELL’S CIVIL WAR PHOTOGRAPHS, by Andrew J. Russell, non-fiction, ISBN 0-486-24283-8

SADDAM’S BOMBMAKER, by Khidhir Hamza, non-fiction, ISBN 0-684-87386-9

SHRPANEL IN THE HEART, by Laura Palmer, non-fiction, ISBN 0-394-56027-2

SKORZENY, by Charles Whiting, non-fiction, ISBN 0-938289-94-2

SOG-The Secret Wars of America's Commandos in Vietnam, by John L. Plaster, ISBN 0-684-81105-7

SOLO, by Robert Mason, fiction, ISBN 0-399-13734-3

SPY SUB, by Roger C. Dunham, non-fiction, ISBN 1-55750-178-5

STOLEN VALOR, by B. G. Burkett and Glenna Whitley, non-fiction, ISBN 0-96670-360-X

SUBMARINES OF THE WORLD, by David Miller, non-fiction, ISBN 0-517-58666-5

THE BIG BOOK OF HOAXES, by Carl Sifakis, published by Paradox Press in Canada

THE BLUEJACKETS' MANUAL 1944, U.S. Naval Institute

THE BOER WAR, by Thomas Pakenham, non-fiction, ISBN 0-380-72001-9

THE CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR, by Bill Harris, non-fiction, ISBN 0-517-69323-2

THE HOUSE OF PURPLE HEARTS, by Paul Solotaroff, non-fiction, ISBN 0-06-017076-X

THE MARINE RAIDERS, by Edwin P. Hoyt, non-fiction, ISBN 0-671-66615-0

THE OSS IN WORLD WAR II, by Edward Hymoff, non-fiction SBN 345-02882-1-165

THE PRACTICAL BOOK OF KNIVES, by Ken Warner, non-fiction, ISBN 0-88317-025-6

THE RAID, by Benjamin F. Schemmer, non-fiction, ISBN 0-06-013802-5

THE TALE OF TWO BRIDGES, by Major A.J.C. Lavalle, non-fiction, U.S. Gov. Printing

THE TIGERS ARE BURNING, by Martin Caidin, non-fiction, Hawthorn Books

THE VIETNAM FACT BOOK, by Jeff Stein, non-fiction, ISBN- 0-440-19336-2

THE WALL, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, by Sal Lopes, non-fiction, ISBN 0-00-217974-1

THE WAR DIARIES OF U-764 FACT OR FICTION, by Heinz F. K. Guske, non-fiction, ISBN 0-939631-43-1

THE WAR IN THE NORTHERN PROVINCES, by Willard Pearson, non-fiction, Library of Congress 75-23360

THE WORLD’S ELITE FORCES, by Walter N. Lang, non-fiction, ISBN 0-517-64643-9

UNDERCOVER FIGHTERS (British SAS), by Ashley Brown, non-fiction, ISBN 0-394-74405-5

U.S. MODERN NAVY (Illustrated Guide), by John Jordan, non-fiction, ISBN 0-668-05505-7

VIETNAM, by Stanley Karnow, non-fiction, ISBN 0-14-007324-8

VIETNAM, THE DECISIVE BATTLES, by John Pimlott, non-fiction, ISBN 0-02-580171-6

VIETNAM VOICES, by John Clark Pratt, non-fiction, ISBN 0-14-00.6359-5

VIETNAM WAR SKETCHES, by Charles Waterhouse, drawings/art , SBN 8048-0742-6

WAR IN KOREA, by Marguerite Higgins, non-fiction, Doubleday & Co. (1951)

WE WERE SOLDIERS ONCE AND YOUNG: IA DRANG – THE BATTLE THAT CHANGED THE WAR IN VIETNAM, by Harold G. Moore, Joseph L. Galloway, non-fiction, ISBN 0679411585


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