Gator Brown book

Gator Brown's Too Tough To Die is a collection of stories written about his real life experiences as a young man growing up in Florida's gator country, his remarkable years as a U.S. Navy Frogman in the Underwater Demolition Teams, and the tough transition to post-Vietnam U.S.A.

Many of these stories were written late at night when sleep wouldn't come, then stashed away in a shoebox in the hope that writing them down would somehow bring them out of the realm of nightmare and into the light of day - convert the emotion-laden memories to memoirs.

You'll find the real names of Gator's teammates in some of his stories but you'll never know the names of his CIA and DEA operatives. They'll recognize themselves, though.

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To order this book send $17.99 to: H. L. Brown, P. O. Box 203, Vernon, FL 32462


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