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Kenneth “Ken” Garrett

Of course we did night raids, worked with British Commandos, and did daytime recons of supposedly fire-safe areas of Korea. It was during one fire-safe recon that the Bad Guys attacked us causing two team members to be KIA and several purple hearts were awarded. But we got back at them in spades with future encampment raids.
I did three tours while with UDT-1 in Korea, with the latter tour being less hostile that the previous two tours. Near the end of the Korean War, while in Japan, I received transfer orders to a Repair Tender in Yokosuka. This was a surprise to me, but in those days there was no "freeze" on UDT personnel. My exec, LT. Joe Barker, got that assignment squashed.  However, I felt that in a matter of time any and all of us might get orders to go somewhere not of our choice, so I put in for shore duty. I was lucky, being assigned to a pet assignment at NAF Monterey, CA.
After 3 years I did some service “boondocking” and thereafter was assigned to Special Assignments in Ankara, Turkey; followed by a couple of years in Colorado. At this point the CIA drafted me and I spent the remaining years of my "20" with the CIA. Upon retiring from the service I was given a civilian position within the CIA doing 2 years in the Field, 7 years in HQ. CIA, Washington, DC, and 9 years at a now closed CIA Station in Southern California as the Senior CIA Station Rep. In 1978 I had to retire from the CIA as my heart just gave out.
My wife Jane and I returned to our hometown of Visalia, CA. to wait out my expected passing. But I rescheduled my lifestyle, and obviously, this is really me writing this bio. I took up soft employment several times to fill my day, but ultimately my heart crept up on me and I totally retired in 1998.  In the pre-retirement years after we returned to our hometown, I raised show flowers, became a professional photographer and did some work as a private investigator.

Jane and Ken Garrett

First Platoon, 1951. L-R, standing:
Al Washington, "Spook" Otte, Sal Romero, John Buckmaster, Ken Garrett, Paul Brewton, Don Rose, Jim Layne Kneeling L-R: "Chick" Whitfield, Clarence Dauphinee 

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