The ax fell on UDT in 1945 as it did on many of the smaller "specialized units" bred by World War II.

"The six postwar UDTs were designated Teams Able, Baker, Charlie, Dog, Echo, and Foxtrot, consisting of about four officers and 50 enlisted each. They were all located at Coronado, California, where demobilization was under way and where Cmdr. Draper Kauffman was setting up a UDT facility at the new Naval Amphibious Base there. Thanks to him, a core of combat-experienced officers and men were retained in the teams. In mid-1946 four of the 'alphabet teams' were redesignated UDTs 1, 2, 3, and 4; with 1 and 3 assigned to ComPhibPac (Coronado, CA), 2 and 4 to ComPhibLant (Little Creek, VA). Teams 1 and 3 were commanded by veterans LTs Al Sears and Walter "Scotty" Cooper, respectively, and 2 and 4 by veterans LTs H. L. Garren Jr. and Hal Iverson." (quote from Commandos From The Sea by John B. Dwyer, ISBN 0-87364-960-5)

In 1950, as the Korean conflict escalated into outright war, UDT 1 and UDT 3 built up their manpower from carefully selected volunteers. As the need for replacements and additional strength increased, UDT 5 was commissioned 5 September 1951.



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