Thomas Shinton Blake, UDT 2, Training Class 6, Little Creek, VA

Thomas Shinton Blake went into the Navy fresh out of high school…skipped his graduation ceremonies to ship out…in 1944.  He was first assigned to the USS Saufley then the USS Worcester.  Played ball for the Navy in Little Creek while attached to the Worcester, then went to UDT training where he graduated from Class 6 in January of 1951 or thereabouts.  His official records show he was assigned to UDT Team 2 Little Creek and his first rating entry from assignment was February 1951.  His last rating was June 1953 and he was still assigned to UDT Team 2.  There is a rating entry on his records for UDT Team 4 in July of 1951 but all subsequent ratings were from UDT Team 2.  He separated from the Navy in October 1953 because his second child was to be born in mid 1954. His rate at the time of his discharge was BM2 (SW).

Thomas Shinton Blake passed away in 2003. His daughter has provided this information about his UDT years.


This photograph was taken during Hell Week for Training Class 6, Little Creek. It is from the personal photo collection of the Blake family.

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