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pg 1

The USS New York





pg 2

Star in Iraq





pg 3

NCDU's Prepare for D-Day





pg 4

The Old Outfit





pg 5

Some Carrico Memories





pg 6

Texas hog hunting up the Trinity River





pg 7

Fitting Tribute to Adm. King











pg 8

Hal Mingus, UDT-SEAL Association,
Jerry Martin











pg 9

William E. "Skosh" Taylor










Address Changes

pg 10

Addresses & Corrections










In Memory

pg 11

Memories, Honoring our Navy at Normandy











pg 12

A truly Wow!! photo









Photos (enlarged)








USS New York  LSD

Phil and Laura Carrico



Chinook Helo-evac

Frog Divers



Gag and Chip

Texas hog Hunting



John and child

Jim Cahill and son Mike


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