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Email from Ron Rossman to Lenny Waugh.

Hi Len: A couple of years ago Joe Hohmann and I went to the reunion at Little Creek. We saw Red Coyl, Fred "Bucky Beaver" at our motel. Saw Capt Olson at the Chief’s Club. We had a great time. We met with Tip on Friday and talked about old times. Then I finally tracked down a guy from home town of 10,000, Steve Tobos. We have been trying to catch up for four years as we have many friends from our hometown but never at home at the same time.

I walked up and said, Steve Tobos from Lock Haven, PA.? When he turned around, he said you must be Ron Rossman. Steve lost part of his leg in Afghanistan in a helo shoot out when a SEAL fell out of a chopper. He was awarded a silver star.

Steve made a speech before Congress and has a photo with Ollie North, Runsfield, and President Bush.

We get together at our hunting lodge and have a few Royal Crowns. He keeps me updated on SEAL activities. He now trains SEAL snipers. Several years ago as I was walking up from my


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boat slip, I saw a tall lean looking fellow standing in my front yard. As I approached him he asked if I were a SEAL, I said no, I was a Frog. He said he saw my decal on my rear window. He was with his wife and sister in law. We talked for quite some time as he was bringing me up to date on things. I invited him in after some time but his wife and sister in law were getting impatient as he was to fly out in the morning.

It has been my great fortune to be able to have these experiences since I only did three years. Incidentally, there are at least two and possibly four active SEALs from Lock Haven, population 10,000 plus two deceased Frogs and yours truly.

I just had a few and felt like going back in time on my 71st.

Editor: Did the SEAL in the yard give you his name? All of us have great remembrances now that we are old? Thanks for the email, Ron.

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