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Pg 1

The Man who Refused to Acquiesce to Tyrannyóby Ross Mackenzie





Pg 2

Flying High at Seventy Five With Retired SEALsóby Michael Shaw





Pg 3

SEAL Swims English Channelóby Chief Michael Martin





Pg 4

Night Operationsóby Chet Bright





Pg 5

Skin Art: Tattoosóauthor unknown





Pg 6

The Day We Destroyed Norfolk, Oceana and Damneckóby Dante Stephensen





Pg 7

The Search Ends for the Thresheróby Don Belcher





Pgs 8 & 9

Phil Carrico, Lou Geenen, CAPT James L. McVoy, Jim Kline











Pg 10

LCDR Dante M. Stephensen, SCPO Chester V. (Chet) Bright










In Memory

Pg 11

Recent Losses











Pg 12












Pgs 13 & 14

Bud Oliver Collection (thumbnails)
LCDR Dante Stephensen's Album (thumbnails)









Photos (Enlarged)




Bud Oliver- Hell Week

Diego Carroll, Cooper, LT Phil Koehler

Blais, Dante, Rudy


Bud with Langosta Harvest

LCDR Dante Stephensen w/rebreather

Micky, Lloyd, Hightower



Hoot & Dante at Muster

Jim Kline & Rhonda


Camp at San Nicholis Isle

Dante - BUDS Training

Bill Peden & Bud Oliver


J.H. Barnes & Bud

Dante w/SPU

Rudy, Bruh, Tipton, Spiegle, Hoot. L.K.


Blasting & Laying Cable

Dante w/shark



Bud & Baby Sealion Mascot







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