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RADM David F. (Kelly) Welch
GMC Clarence “Lou” Wagner

Eric Clifton “Andy” Anderson (rating unk)
BMC Frank E. Kappesser
LT Paul N. Salerni
BM1 Leo V. Bowers
BMC Stanley R. Antrim, Sr.

Passing of Mrs. Betty Schaible, wife of deceased Captain David L. Schaible, USN Ret.


UDT-SEAL Obituary Records

RADM David F. (Kelly) Welch, USN

Early Training Class WWII
He was an at sea commander and Commanding Officer of UDT-1.
As Commander Task Force 43, Navy Support Forces, Antarctica, he headed Operation Deep Freeze. He had 32 years service. (See Vol 4 for details)

GMC Clarence “Lou” Wagner GMC
USN, Training Class 13 COR 8/55

Clarence served in UDT-1, 2, & 11, and in the Korean war. He is survived by his wife Mrs. Alex Wagner.

Eric Clifton “Andy” Anderson, (rank unk). Training Class 22 LCK 10/59.
He was Canadian National and member of UDT-22. He was Honor Man in his training class. He is survived by his wife Mrs. Annie Anderson.

BMC Frank E. Kappesser, USN
Training Class 1, LCK Graduated 4/47

Frank served in teams 2, 22, and 11. He was one of the first Navy SEALs in Vietnam. He retired in San Diego. He was quiet hero. He is survived by Mrs. Dee Kappesser (wife), Mitch and Randy (sons)

LT Paul N. Salerni, USN (Ret)

Paul joined the Navy in 1937 where he spent 4 years on the China station and served in the fleet during WWII until 1951 when he graduated in Class 7 at Little Creek and assigned to UDT-4 at the age 37. He retired after 30 years in the Navy as Lieutenant.

BM1 Leo V. Bowers, USN (RET) Training Class !A COR 8/51

BMC Stanley R. Antrim, Sr., USN
Training Class 15 COR Graduated 12/55.

Stanley served in UDT-11. At his request he was to be buried at sea in the old Navy Tradition. Rights were a private family ceremony.


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Revelation of a Sailor — a song poem
The Guerrilla Fighter
by Che Guevara

Revelation of a Sailor

His spirit is like a mighty wind
Invisible yet strong
Steady goes the will of God
Like it’s gone for so long
I have sailed for many days
On open seas of doubt
Still His power points the way
And his love seeks me out.
When I look for courage here
If God will be my source
I know I’ll find through every fear
Strength to stay the course
If he will hold sail to mast
No matter what storms come
I’ll keep the strong wind at my back
Till the journeys done.

(Excerpted: by Lowell Alexander, Dave Clark and Tony Wood 1999 Star Song Records.)

The Guerrilla Fighter

He must be long suffering to the most extreme degree, not only in order overcome the privations of food, of water, of clothing, and of shelter to which he is exposed at all times, but also in order to be able to withstand the illnesses and the wounds which many times will have to be cured without major medical assistance, only through natural action. It must be this way, because in most cases in which the individual leaves the battle zone in order to seek medical help for some illness or wound he is assassinated by the enemy.
In order to fulfill these conditions, the guerrilla fighter must have a health of iron which allows him to resist all these adversities without falling, ill; and which will enable him to convert his life, which is that of a harassed animal, into a factor of fortitude. Aided by his natural adaptability. this enables him to make himself almost part of very soil on which he fights.
Guerrilla Warfare: E. Che Guevara

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Passing of Betty Schaible, wife of deceased Captain David L. Schaible, USN Ret.

The following is quoted from a 6-16-2005 email from the UDT/SEAL Association:

"For those of us who arrived in the Community in the last twenty years, Betty was the lady who occupied the left hand seat in the first row of nearly every BUD/S graduation. Betty was at the commissioning of the Head Quarter buildings at Camp Billy Machen in 1994. Betty was very proud of her volunteer activities at the Fleet Reserve, the Eagles Wind, and St. Charles Nutrition Center in Imperial Beach.. She regularly made cookies and took them to Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego in support of the San Diego Arned Forces YMCA. We were like her own children. That is also true for the EOD and Diving Communities as well, She loved the diversity of our communities when “Uncle” Dave, with Betty at his side served as CO of EOD in Indian Head and XO of Underwater Swim School in Key West among many others. They were outstanding examples and great stewards of their responsibilities.

Whenever any one of her “brood” was injured, or worse, Betty took the news personally. She was there whenever we needed her.”

(I imagine she is tasked with the same role and same zeal where she is now). Salute!!!!!!

Captain Schaible was in TC 4, COR, 3/52 and had a very interesting career. “Uncle Dave” had eight years of enlisted service, and went up through the chain of command as a Mustang serving with seven commands. He was a 32-year-old Ensign.
Recently, at a change of command ceremony “Paying tribute to those who have preceded us,” Commander Pete Wikul who served under Dave was inspired by this self taught Navy man who rose from enlisted submariner to Captain.
Captain Robert C. Mabry former Commanding Officer of DSV-2 said that Dave gravitated to command like no one he had ever met.

Rear Admiral Thomas W. Steffens of the U.S. Operations Command also notes: “His extraordinary talent for leadership distinguished him from many other men.”

These comments reflected the reason why the new SEAL Library at Little Creek, VA was named after him. RADM Steffens went on to say, "the library …is the perfect place to honor a great man. His legacy is a thread that runs through this community.”

Their resting place is at Fort Roscrans.

Betty’s favorite charities are:

Naval Special Warfare Foundation UDT/SEAL Scholarships)
PO Box 5965, Virginia Beach
VA 23471

ST. Charles Nutrition Center
PO Box909, Imperial Beach
CA 91933

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