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LT Floyd F. Oliver
CWO Lowell K. Williams

ENS Kevin R. Murphy

LCDR Timothy A. Devine

Floyd F. (Bud) Oliver, LT, USN
Training Class 16 COR Graduated /56

Bud entered the service in November of 1953.. He saw Fleet Service on the USS Brown DD546. He says,” I had completed my second cruise on the USS Brown in February 1956 with orders to report for UDT training. During my leave, before reporting for training, I was married in a snowstorm in Northern Michigan. During the first month of UDT training I lost over 35 pounds! To this day, I am still not sure whether it was the rigorous training, our newly married life together, or my wife’s cooking that caused this weight loss??

Bud says, I had many exciting responsibilities during my 4 years in the Navy. One that stands out was my assignment while in UDT.. I was the officer in charge of a group of team members and support staff from the Amphib base. Our mission was to blast channels in the heavy surf zone off the coast of San Nicholas Island and Big Sur for laying electronic cables. The cables provided an electronic network along the West Coast for detecting submarines and ship. In addition, if plane went down along the coast, they could detonate a small explosive that provided their exact location. This was a big responsibility for a Junior Officer, approximately 26 years old. I believe it helped developed a “can do” attitude that was valuable during my professional career. One of the officers I worked closely with was Jon Lindbergh..son of Charles Lindbergh.
Jon had a similar assignment but at different locations. I did not see Jon on your list of former team members? As I recall he was probably in training classes 15 or 15.

Bud was discharged in 1958. He then formed a professional diving company.  In civilian life he was president and founder of PEI Sales Associates. Floyd has a Masters Degree in Engineering. After 40 years in business, he retired in 1999. He is married to Ann P. Oliver and they have one son, Peter, and three daughters, Merlissa, Amy, and Sandra and eight grandchildren. They reside at 2216 Deodala Drive, Lost Altos, CA 24024. Tele 650-963-0379, E-mail



CWO Lowell K. (LK) Williams, USN
Training Class 7, Fort Pierce, FL graduated 1944

L. K. or Willie served in Underwater Demolition Team Eleven in WWII until 1945. After that he had shore duty at Memphis TN and Foley Alabama. He then served on the carrier USS Palau CV 122 until 1949 when he was reassigned to Underwater Demolition Teams Two and Twenty One until 1959.

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Progressing to Warrant Officer, he spent the rest of his time in fleet and shore assignments. He retired in 1975 with 33 years service.

When he retired he spent most of his time “piddling” around on his place in Buckingham, Virginia. And from the looks of it he seems to be enjoying it. Married to Rudelle C. for 55 years. They have two daughters,  Bonnie Williams, and Joyce R. Camron, both of whom are teachers. They have one great-grandson whose namesake is Kenneth Thai Justic. He lives in Buckingham Va.

Legend: L.K. is one of the easiest going frogs I ever met. No matter when you come upon him, a big grin breaks out across his face. I hadn’t seen him forty years.  He says, "Where the hell have you been?" and he loads out a batch of memories. It seemed it was like we just saw each other yesterday. He was as great a teammate as there is. Sort of a "Cool Hand Luke." He is a walking history book of the teams. Even when he left to go the fleet for 15 years, he kept up with UDT. Someone needs to sit down with him and get an oral history. With all the stories he has , it would be worthwhile.
For some reason he reminds of my younger son, Tom. He has that easy going way that makes people like you.. Tom was country before country was hip (Merle Haggard country). Both of them I’m sure liked the outdoors, farms, woods, lakes, deer, rabbits, and tomatoes fresh from the garden. Among other things, he liked to piddle around and liked southern home cooking. Ham and beans, corn bread, buckwheat cakes, sausage and eggs, black eyed peas and catfish and hush puppies, fried chicken, hot-wings and beer. Tom was strong as a pickup truck yet quiet as a fox. Both of them never ever forgot a friend in need. Both were a cool and welcoming breeze through the lives of all who knew them. And so, that's why I like L.K. a whole lot. He brings back great memories.

Tom died at the age 34 when a semi-truck ran a red light.


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Kevin R. Murphy, ENS, USN (Ret)
Training Class 8, COR Graduated

Born in Stamford, Connecticut. Left Stamford High School in final spring semester to enlist in the US Navy on April 1, 1946. Graduated with honors from Submarine school in New London, CT in October 1946. Reported aboard the USS Diodon, SS349, November 11, 1946. Served aboard the Diodon in the Korean war zone until January 1953. Volunteered for, and completed UDT training in Coronado, CA in March 1953. Reported for duty to UDT-3 in April 1953.
Attended and completed US Navy Deep Sea Diving school and Explosive Ordinance Disposal school in 1953 and 1954.
Appointed Chief Diving Instructor for UDT-12 in 1956 and given the assignment to create an open circuit diving instruction -curriculum and training program for the team.
Transferred to UDT Training Unit on Coronado Amphibious Base in 1957 and given the same assignment to create a diving program, which up to that time had not been a part of basic UDT training. In addition to diving training, other classes I taught were demolitions of all ilk, radio procedure, cartography, land warfare tactics, physical training, and hand to hand combat.
Remained in UDTRA until honorably discharged from the US Navy in April of 1966 after 20 full years of service.

Started career with San Diego Divers Supply, Inc, KA SDDS in April of 1946 as a branch manager and Company Chief Diving instructor. Became Partner, Secretary-treasurer and General Manager of SDD IN 1969.

Served without compensation for seventeen years as Educational Director for the National Association of Scuba Diving Store, KA NASDS, My NASDS responsibilities included organizing, over-seeing, and instructing in four one-week, Instructor Certification clinics annually and doing the same once annually at a one-week Store Owners Only business meeting.
Taught volunteer business classes for undergraduates at the then fledgling National University for two semesters in 1975.

Retired from business in 1996 following thirty years with San Diego Divers Supply, Inc., and became the sole caregiver for my terminally ill wife who, during that time suffered from severe dementia and paranoia.

In December of 2000 Kevin became reacquainted with the beautiful Ms. Gayl Foshee. To my everlasting joy we were married in August of 2003.

Kevin has a son, Kevin, and a daughter, Vivian, and two grand children.
The Murphys live at 4802 Edgeware Rd., San Diego, CA 92116-2337. Tele 619-283-2474.E-mail

Editors Note: For about five years Kevin has been listed as deceased in the Fifties Frog Journal. Thankfully, Dick Bonin discovered our mistake and contacted Kevin and me to bring him back to life. I must confess I am baffled as to how he got there. But as he says: “The Frog Lives” and we are grateful for that. Kevin and his family have my sincerest apology. This corrects the error and it will be noted in the Navy Historical Center and the Library of Congress Veteran’s Project as well. To Kevin thanks for being a good sport.


LCDR Timothy (Tad) A. Devine, USNR, Training Class 20, COR, 1958

Tad entered the service in August 22, 1957 . He saw fleet service aboard the USS Telfair APA210. After graduation from UDTRA, he was assigned to UDT-11. He spent 3 years on active duty and served in the reserves thereafter for 15 years.

His civilian profession was as President, Devine Properties, Inc. A property and asset management, landscape design, and contracting company. He graduated form Stanford University. He spent 43 years in the company.
Married 42 years, to Donna S, Devine. They have a daughter Debra (Devine) Morton, with 2 grandchildren, Timothy James “TJ” and Margarite “Maggie”. And a son Donald Andrew “Drew” Devine. They reside at 1424 Dolphin Terrace, Corona del Mar, CA 92625. Tele: 949-644-9664, E-mail: Bulldivine

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