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The Kenny Nickelson Memorial Foundation for Homeless Veterans and Children:

Please consider this non-profit effort originated by Ken Nickelson, Class 28.

Ken and Doris Nickelson through the KNMF Program serve 6,743 Veterans and Children in Los Angeles. For over 14 years they have been instrumental in meeting the needs of thousands of homeless men, women, and children, through many programs.
I urge all Frogs and SEALs to support them in this remarkable service.
Want to learn how you can help? Go to their website for more information:  He is truly a caring Navy SEAL.  Help this worthy fund for homeless Vets, and children.
Thanks and God Bless all who do.


Now is the time to join or rejoin the “UDT-SEAL Museum” give it the support it deserves: 772-595-5849.


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Every Day it Got Better a book by Hank Togna

Hank Togna came through the first training class on the east coast in the summer of 1947 as a graduate of Class One. A self-made businessman, outdoorsman, family man, and proud military man, Hank has written a book about his early years growing up, son of a hardscrabble farmer during the depression. He has documented his time in Navy’s UDT’s as an enlisted man in teams 2 and 4.

To order a copy, mail check, or money for $16 to
Enrico Togna
PO Box 371
Dover, NJ. 07801

Editor note: I have read Hank’s book and it's really a good read at nice price.

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