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Little Creek Reunion 2004

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Commentary and photos from 2004 East Coast Reunion by Hank Togna

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Above is the sign I used at the Sunday Picnic. Left: Utter, Center left: Hankís son in law who came to reunion with him. The others are old UDT or SEALS.

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Above left: Hank
Center: Joe DiMartino
Right: Utter:


Utter and I were in the first class post-WWII at Little Creek. Joe DiMartino was one of our instructors. In my book "Every Day Got Better" I tell about a swimmer who got cramps swimming the mile to get our fins. Well, that swimmer was Utter. He was afraid of the water. But the boat crew encouraged him on. He left UDT in the 50ís and went regular Navy. UDT had started to do everything underwater.

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