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Rowing Down The Rapids—Jim Kline & Alan Price

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Hi Don: Here are some photos of float trips per your request. Al Price and I have been floating together since 1982 when we started in an old (“surveyed”) 7”X12”


Alan Price
Lower Salmon River 8/99


Our first trip was from North Fork, Idaho, to Riggins Idaho, 160 miles on the main Salmon River. This takes you right across the state (Idaho) in the central region.

 The Eye of the Needle


In all the trips we only flipped the boat once and that was a fluke. We’re also done some major repair, but as time rolls on, the gear has gotten better and we learned a little. Mostly, they’re just great fun trips. (Thank you for doing such a super job with the 50’s Frogs). —Aloha, Jim Kline:


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LTJG James W. Kline, USNR, Training Class 7 COR 4/53
Partner: CAPT Alan H. Price USNR, Training Class 17 COR, 11/56

Jim Kline
Slide Rapids
Lower Salmon River



Jim Kline Lower Salmon River 8/99


Editor’s note: Thanks Jim for the great photos. I am printing them in color, a first for the 50’s Frogs Magazine. I just couldn’t bring myself to print them in B&W. I hope that all enjoy them and your rolling on the river. We’ve heard a lot about East Coast frogs and river trips. The lower Salmon River country looks like neat place to be and fun, unlike one of Mack Boynton’s survival trips down the Colorado from Needles to Yuma. But… it was a privilege to be a member of the Royal Order of the Black Paddle! Don B.

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