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CAPT David DelGuidice, USN, Class 20, COR 7/58. 

Phil Bucklew & Dave DelGuidice
at SEAL Team 1 change of command

Capt DelGuidice entered the Naval Service in July 1954 and served 24 years, retiring in July 1978. He has a BS Degree in Physical Education with a minor in Biology.

In civilian life he spent 22 years as a consultant and rancher. Married 41 years, he is a widower. He has three sons, Michael, James, and John. His email address is Tel: 540-338-3151. FAX: 540-338-9698.

Here is his biographical sketch in his own words.

Captain David DelGuidice entered the Navy in July 1954. After completing Basic and Advanced Air Intelligence and Photo Interpretation Schools, he was assigned as Officer in Charge, Commander Fleet Air Philippines Detachment Guam.

Following completion of Underwater Demolition Replacement Training with Class 20, COR, in July 1958, he was assigned to Underwater Demolition Team 12 as a platoon commander.  He made two deployments in support of COMSEVENTHFLT Amphibious Ready Group as Officer in Charge UDT 12 WESTPAC Detachments Lima and Mike. During the second deployment LT  Del Guidice and ten men from Mike detachment became the nucleus of the Mekong River Flotilla, where he served as Assistant Flotilla Commander.  The mission of the Flotilla was to deliver landing craft to the beleaguered Laotian forces to bolster their river patrol capability. Upon completion of this mission and shortly after returning to the United States he became the Executive Officer UDT 12.

On 1 January 1962 he took command of SEAL Team One, the first SEAL Team to be established in the Navy. Ten days later he was sent to Vietnam to survey the situation to determine possible utilization for Seal Teams in country. As a direct result of that trip, two programs were immediately  undertaken.  The first was establishment of a base in conjunction with the CIA at Danang to train selected personnel in covert maritime operations for action against North Vietnam. This program became the maritime component under MACSOG's OP-34A


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at the end of 1963. The second program was establishment to train Vietnamese Coastal Force personnel in reconnaissance and guerilla warfare and to prepare them to instruct succeeding classes of the Biet Hai Commandos. During the Cuban Missile Crises, SEAL Team One was deployed as a command for the first time in support of potential operations. While still Commanding Officer SEAL Team One he became a member of the Vietnam Delta Infiltration Study Group (later known as the Bucklew Report).

Captain DelGuidice was then assigned to the newly  established Naval Operation Support Group Pacific (forerunner to Naval Special Warfare Group) as the first operations officer. In this capacity he became responsible for the establishment of Naval Operation Support Group Western Pacific Detachment and became its first Officer-in-Charge. The detachment not only provided support to units deployed to WESTPAC but also directly supported COM- SEVENTHFLT and the Amphibious Readiness Group in developing contingency plans utilizing capabilities of Naval Special Warfare Units.

The following tour of duty was in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV) where he was  budget sponsor for budgeting and force levels related to Naval Inshore Warfare (NIW) Commands and their subordinate units and related equipment. Through budget action he eliminated the NIW commands allowing for the formulation and funding of a program that created an undiluted Naval Special Warfare community in control of its own mission and destiny. In so doing not only was NSW strengthened, but it also created an environment conducive to the selection of a Naval Special Warfare Flag Officer.

Following OPNAV duty, he attended the Industrial College of the Armed Forces. Upon completion of his studies Captain DelGuidice became the Commanding Officer of the Naval Amphibious Base at Coronado, California. He retired from active duty in July 1978.

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