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James H. "Hoot" Andrews,
Training Class 7 LCK 06/51

Hoot loved music and when he joined the Navy in May 1944 at 17 he sought to become a member of the Navy band. After Boot Camp he shipped out to the USS Hillsdale iu the Pacific. His ship was kamikazed and limped into Ikinawa for repairs at the lightening speed of 3 knots.
After Hoot's first enlistment he left the Navy, returned home to
Bloomington, Illinois and enrolled in Wesleyan College. During his academic year he joined the U. S. Marine Reserves. Upon completion of his freshman year at Wesleyan, he decided civilian life was not for him, he reinlisted in the Navy until his retirement in 1974.
Hoot entered UDTRA graduation in Class 7 at Little Creek,
Virginia and assigned to UDT Two in August 1951. Also he attended Explosive Ordnance School and EOD qualified in 1953. Later he became a Plank Owner with the newly formed SEAL Team Two. In January 1962 he became their Chief Storekeeper.
Hoot married Shirley
Shannon of Connecticut in July 1949. Kathleen (Andres) Hoskins was born in 20 June 1951. Subsequently the family birthed grandsons: Patrick, Ben, and Evan. He is survived by his wife Marla and children: Steven, Susan and Thomas and grandchildren Tara, Amanda, and Adam, the light of his life. Hoot was 32nd degree Mason in October 1988

and is a charter Member and lifetime Member of the UDT-SEAL Association, and Life Me4mber of the Navy UDT-SEAL MUSEUM in Fort Pierce, FL.
Hoot and Marla were married on
August 31, 2001. Marla recalls Hoot sharing with her that after he left the Navy, he went to work at an organization in the Pentagon where he was sent to Saigon. He operated a F. A. S. T. team that gathered information.
Also he worked for a federal agency on oceanographic studies around the world for awhile looking at lo
cations for military assets. "Some of the details were not clear, but sounded 'spooky' to me."
Marla hopes sharing Hoot's amazing journey through life to you who loved him as she did, Hoot will be honored and remembered at the Sunday morning Memorial Service at Muster in November 2008.
A collection of photos and remembrances of Hoot Andrews, put together by good friend and teammate E. Rojas. See website..As Bill "Bru" Bruhmiller said it, "Hoot was a class act." Below, Don B., Hoot, O'Toole.

Hoot Andrews


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