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QMCS Paul Mc Nally, USN, Training Class 7, COR 4/53

Paul was one of the finest frogs on the West Coast, and maybe one of the strongest. He was a quiet man. We have had a difficult time finding photos of him. His tendency was to be in the back row. But here’s what he means to the teams. Here’s what other frogs had to say about him. 
   FRANK TOMS: “All I can think of was that as our instructor in Class 34, he was as good as they get….soft  spoken, hard as nails and fair. He had the uncanny ability to push us to the limit and knowing when to stop. He definitely had the admiration of his fellow instructions as well. He toughened us up for the worst and did it with authority and always with class. He was probably the instructor  that I admired the most. I was a touch knock-kneed and he used to tell me, ‘Toms you run like a splayed calf’. I remember Paul could hold his breath 5 minutes and 5 seconds.
  Paul and Bud Juric were mainstays at the training unit many years. They certainly trained all Vietnam SEALs and Frogs.
ROY ADAMS: I worked in his office in his Imperial Beach office in the early to mid 70’s. He was married to a lady named Edith. They left Imperial Beach some time in the late 70’s and moved to  northern California.  I don’t recall   the name of the town (CRS you know?) I knew he and his wife had one son and maybe more.
  I worked at the NAB swimming pool prior to going through training  and Paul would come and practice holding

his breath. It seemed to me  at the time he held his breath about 4 minutes plus.
  I recall seeing a picture of his real estate sign on UDT12 building offering it for sale. I have no idea where that picture might be.  The mail jumps around. I know, but I tried to recall some history from a long time ago.
DICK DICKERSON: A couple of years before we retired, Paul and I got our real estate licenses. We were instructors in the training unit and we always had some competition going as to who could sell and list the most real estate. Paul hung his license with Lee Mather Co., and I hung mine with Kinselle  Realty. Even though we were both “part time”, we were top salesmen. In our respective offices, my wife Ann, was an escrow officer and handled all of Paul’s and mine escrows.  When Paul and I would be on an exercise in the morning and return in the afternoon, the first thing we would do upon retiring was to  check for  messages on a large blackboard.  The instructors would leave message for Paul  to call escrow, except it was more fun to write ‘Paul call Dick’s wife’; in very large letters. He was a Hell of a guy.
DENI PRICE: I remember that my mom and dad  (Bud Juric) retired and went to sell their house in Chula Vista, it had a slight problem with the floor. Well mama said that Paul was in real estate, had worked with my Dad, and he was handling the house for them.

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