VOLUME 13 PAGE  7 (cont)


TAO WISDOM  17th verse
With the greatest leader above them
People barely know one exists
Next comes one whom who they love
Nest comes the one whom they fear
Next comes the one whom they despise and defy
When a leader trusts no one
No one trusts him
The great leader speaks little
He never speaks carelessly
He works without self interest
And leaves no trace
When all is finished , the people say

 ‘We Did it ourselves.”


Here comes the the “Havenot” Frogs.   Frogs that I haven’t heard from since the git-go. Welcome to the 50s Frogs.

FN1 JOHN R. HEBERT USN UDT 1&11 Training Class 6 COR 10/52
John  served in Submarine Group ONE  before UDT training.

He served  4 years  and was discharged  March 21, 1955.  His hometown is Jarrau, Louisiana where he went to Southwestern Institute at Lafayette, LA, for 3 years. He retired from industry at Baton Rouge, LA  in 1981 after 26 years.
  Married to Vicky  for 47 years thay have  four sons: Charles, Rodsin, James and Paul. They have 11 grandchildren.
  He saved a Navy pilot whose helicopter crashed in the ocean. It turned  out  that the LT pilot came from his home town. I take it he doesn’t remember the pilots  name.  Address:
7103 Island RD, Jarreau, MS 70749
tele: 225-927-6524 Email abearfrogteam1@aol.com.

BM2 BILLY B. HILTON, USN, UDT 3 Training Class 4 COR 03/22/52

Billy entered the service July 1948 and served in USS Gantner APD 42, USS Chiltin APA 38, LST Ron Cornoade. And UDT3.  He was discharged in 1954 after 6 years service.
  After finishing high school he went to numerous trade schools and was a shift supervisor for Chevron USA Refinery retiring after 32 years and at age 77.  Married for 54 years to Bonnie, they had 2 children: Mike and Keigm.  They have 4 grandchildren.
  Nineteen years old, he spent  his time on River Patrol in China in boat crew. And APA 38 also in boat crew. “The highlight of my life in the Navy was going through UDT training in UDT 3 in Japan, Korea, Alaska, and all the

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