Volume 13 Page 9 

How PRU’s Got Started (Continued  from Vol. 12)
SEALs became involved in the PRU Program primarily as a result of  one: SK1 Bob Wagner (Posthumously) advanced to SKC. Bob was a unique person to say the least and many felt he had ties to the CIA. Bob graduated in Class 28 in 1962 as an SK2 and went directly to SEAL  Team One at a time when UDTRA graduates did not go directly to a SEAL Team. Bob was regarded by many as driven, very knowledgeable  and professsional, who clearly  knew more about  intelligence tradecraft and the CIA than the average First  Class Perry Officer.  He also spoke and wrote Vietnamese well. Bob had a tour in DaNang and was eventually assigned to a detachment.  In Nha Bein 1966, Bob Wagner and Ted Kassa receive taking from Maynard Weyers, the officer in charge of Detachment Golf in Nha Be to develop a training program for Vietnamese personnel from the Counter Terror Program, which was run by the CIA and had some problems and  run a training program for them and other Vietnamese personnel in order to establish a new program. Initially the new program was to be called the Delta Reconnaissance Unit. But later it became the Provincial Reconnaissance Unit. This turned

out to be a difficult job for a number of reasons.
  The Army wanted the program and fought to get it.  Also the Australians wanted the program and at one time had actually moved into the camp in Vung Tau created for this training. Finally Franklin  Anderson, the Commanding Officer of SEAL Team One needed formal tasking. Being the Commanding Officer, he knew that he would have to provide  personnel for this new tasking, and he could not get additional billets unless he had formal tasking. The CIA was slow to formally request SEALs to be advisors, but eventually  formal tasking came. Bob and Ted got the camp in Vung Tau built and the Lessons Plans written. Layton Bassett then became involved and helped with the first class. Once the training started, Bob Wagner went back to SEAL Team One where he developed and instructed training for SEAL Team PRU Advisors. While the PRU Advisor was being….(can not  read end of sentence, type missing).
The Pru Advisor’s role in the unit was  different in each unit. Some PRU Advisors had a much more dominant role that others. A lot depended on the personalities of the advisor and the PRU Chief.

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