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The Magazine Dedicated to Fifties
Frogs Journal Readers
Volume No. 10



Born to be a Hero





This magazine is a non-profit effort, self funded and published for Underwater Demolition/SEAL team members, their families and friends.

Don Belcher
Editor/Publisher of The Fifties Frogs Magazine and Journal

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Don Belcher
2414 Magnolia Ct
Clarksville, IN 47129

Tel: 812-948-0974

All Rights Reserved. The editor reserves the right to edit all material submitted. Contributors are responsible for their own opinions and viewpoints. Every effort is made to ensure that the material is reasonably accurate.

Biannual, issued in December and July, God willing! Voluntary subscription price $2.00 annually.

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A Lot of Brick-a-Brac submitted by Don (editior)

The builder of our current home offers many amenities. Among them an addition of a Florida Room. Well, my wife wanted it.

Our brick house was finished on the outside which meant he had to tear bricks and framing off that end. So we had a of pile bricks left for a while.

Bricks are a mainstay in building construction.

Oddly, that pile of bricks brought something to mind. Many of you know that Bob Blann was my co-editor as we were buddies over 50 some years. What a great frog he was and how much I missed him the day I was standing looking down at his brick along with many other buddies of mine at UDT/SEAL Museum.

These bricks are unique because they build without mortar as they on the lay on the ground

Thatís why frogs should buy a hundred dollar brick for a teammate to honor him.

Every brick helps build a greater UDT/SEAL Museum for the future and keeps you and your own history and memories intact for -ever


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