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Pg 5 Killing Che —Navy SEAL Chuck Pfarrer

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Killing Che is Navy SEAL Chuck Pfarrer's second book.

The Argentinean Communist revolutionary leader Che Guevara had a degree in medicine at a university in Buenos Aires. He left Argentine opposed to Peron’s government. He entered Fidel Castro’s revolutionary movement in Mexico and had a significant role in the Cuban Revolution and held government posts under Castro. He became an active revolutionary elsewhere and a hero of the left wing in 1960’s.

As a guerilla leader he was captured and executed in 1967.

Excerpted from a Denver Post review:

"The part of the book in which we spend time with Guevara as he leads his men though the mountains and to their ultimate deaths shows off Pfarrer’s familiarity with what it takes to survive militarily in a hostile environment. It is also a time when we get to learn a little more the about the charismatic and asthmatic Che. As a former Navy SEAL, Pfarrer seems more comfortable with Guevara rather than in the sack with a beautiful woman."


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Editor: "Killing Che," a novel, is Chuck's second book. His first, "Soul Warrior’ was a great read. I enjoy his style.

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Gifts are tax deductible. Send check, money order, or credit card. Give for the good of the order. 757-363-7490.


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