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Note: I will post messages sent to me by frogs and others—such items as, locating contacts, help with research into fifties frogs training, operations, and any other information desired. It will be updated each quarter. Please send me any changes in address, telephone, or email so I can keep up with you. Correct addresses save postage costs which are always spiraling upwards. Check the Message Board for upcoming events also. — Don Marler

SEALTWO.ORG   Erasmo “Doc” Riojas has a wonderful website for UDT/SEAL men.

The  UDT-SEAL Memorial will be unveiled at the Muster in 2009.  We hope to have family members of these men on hand for the grand opening.
I am in the process of assembling pictures and stories from family, friends, team mates for the 275+ men who will be honored.
If your membership have any pictures or stories that they would like to share with me for the kiosk to honor these men, please have them contact me. 

Jan Albertie
408-654-7900 x110
2 N. First Street
Suite 205

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The 50s Frog Reunion for 2013 will be in Colorado, tentatively the first week of September. Details to follow.


Frog Contact person: C. J. “Slim” Lueb


Ph. 303-884-6165



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