Guidelines for Submission of Material for Publication

The Fifties Frogs Magazine will be published as frequently as the availability of material allows, but not less often than annually. So, please send in your material; we can edit it if you so desire.


Examples of what to send:


1.     Your bio.

2.     The story of your UDT/SEAL experiences.

3.     News of FROGS/SEALS of your acquaintance.

4.     Copies of photos.

5.     Reviews of books or other materials related to FROGS/SEALS or Spec. Warfare.

6.     Advertisements of FROG/SEAL related items.

7.     Obits.

8.     Reader comments about specific items in the magazine.

9.     Reader comments about media news items related to FROGS/SEALS.

10. Requests for info regarding FROGS/SEALS.

11. Suggestions for improving the Magazine.

12. Care to write your own Obit? Send it with a photo. This will be saved until it is needed.

13. Links or resources you think would be of assistance or interest to others. 

14. Announcements of meetings, reunions, etc.

15. Any other relevant materials you can think of.


Use WORD as a word processor if you have it.

Please submit a personal photo, if you have one, for inclusion with your article.


Send to:


Don C. Marler

Cell 318 640 0110


Email or DVD is the preferred method of transmitting info.


4209 Aspen Court

Pineville, La. 71360