Robert Charles Wilber – Class 29

by Bob Wilber



Note: Originally published in “To Be Someone Special – The Story of UDTra Class 29” by RD Russell





Do you remember the twins we had in training, the ones who fought all the time and at times acted like they were a brick short of a load? They did good in training if they didn’t have to think much. I don’t remember their officer in charge but they did good in the heavy things.



Anyway, they made it clear through Hell Week and clear up to almost time to go to the island, then they started to have trouble with their shoes hurting their feet where they could hardly walk. I think it was Mr. White asked them if they had the right ones. They both thought they did, but they still kept having trouble. Skinner asked them if there was anything in the toes. They both got mad ‘cause they thought Dave was making fun of them. Well, after they got done with the tests, they called them to the office and they got dropped. When they got back to the hut and were cleaning their lockers out, the one was putting his shoes in his bag when he put his hand in the shoe and at the toe was a sock in the end, had to have been there for three weeks. The other one check his and the same thing. We all couldn’t believe they both could have done the same thing, maybe on purpose.


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