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Moscone - reunion 2000



, By Franklin W. Anderson


          Roger Moscone was born in Quincy, Mass on 16 April l931, and joined the Navy in l947 at the age of l7. One of his first assignments was on the Battleship Mississippi.   He was a Boatswain Mate and learned everything within his grasp.  He also learned that he was cut out for bigger and better things and applied for Underwater Demolition Team Training (UDTRA) in l958 and was part of Class 20. 


          Upon Graduation from UDTRA, He was assigned to UDT-12.   He served in many varied capacities in UDT-12, mostly as the team cartographer.  On January 18, l965 he volunteered and reported for duty with SEAL Team ONE.   Roger was later selected to be a part of Detachment GOLF for deployment to the RSSZ in Vietnam.   This Detachment was on a trial basis and they were told, “if they did not perform SEALs would no longer be required by COMNAVFORV”.   Under the guidance of LT. Maynard Weyers the Detachment immediately conducted extensive operations and were highly successful.   They also realized that they needed some fortified means of transportation.   It was Roger who oversaw the refurbishing of an LCM into the “Mighty Moe”.   The Mighty Moe was used for transportation, insertions and extractions of the Squads.   These operations were highly successful, but on the l9th of August l966, one squad under the command of LT Tom Truxall with Billy Machen as Point man encountered an ambush.   Billy Machen, at the risk of his own life, triggered the ambush saving the rest of the squad.  The squad conducted a fierce firefight to recover Billy’s body—Starting a tradition that no SEAL is left behind.   Roger carried Billy back thru the Jungle to the LCM that was coxswained by PO Rauch.   For this action Roger received the Bronze star.  


          Roger was quickly becoming a legend among the sailors at Nha Be.  One sailor, Jim Dickson said, “ when I first met him he was wearing a black T shirt and his biceps were larger than my thigh.   The men said that they needed somebody that big to keep the SEAL’S shaped up.” Jim volunteered for duty on the Might Moe and was seriously wounded when it was hit with Mortars and heavy bombardment.   When Jim regained consciousness the first thing he recalled was Roger standing over him working on him—He credits Roger with saving his life. Roger was a mother hen for the men, always providing encouragement and doing most of the cooking of the SEARATS, his favorite ingredient was MEXI-PEP Hot Sauce.   His favorite saying during times of stress was  How Sweet It Is”. 


          Detachment Golf paved the way for many SEALs to come, and provided the infrastructure for future SEAL Operations.     Roger and the group returned to the Strand and Roger was assigned as the CMAA of SEAL Team ONE.   He was instrumental indoctrinating the new men reporting on board.   He did not mince words and told them that they should keep their ears and eyes open and their mouths shut and if they were to survive in the Teams.   Roger was highly instrumental in helping with the instruction and training and was always a source of accurate information and guidance to the men in the Teams.  Roger made numerous deployments to Vietnam.


          In l970 Roger was advanced to CWO-1.   Upon making CWO-1 he had to transfer out of the Team and accepted a billet at Underwater Swim School, and later served with SEAL Team TWO, and retired in l973 as a CWO-2.  Roger was a very talented man and was successful in any endeavor he under took.   He sold real estate, refurbished houses and later was an Able Bodied Seaman for Exxon. 


          Roger is survived by his much loved wife Sandra Rauch Moscone, his step-daughter Brandi, three daughters and a son from his first marriage, Michele, Christina, Teresa and son David, and four grandchildren Rachael, Ryan, Halley and Gianna.


          Roger will be missed at the Reunions, as he was a fixture and a volunteer.   However, we are sure that there is a BIG REUNION up above and those Pearly Gates are wide open with a party of his Teammates, as Roger did like to Party.          


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