by Enrico Togna



Hank Togna came through the very first training class on the East Coast in the summer of 1947 earning him the distinction of being a graduate of UDTRA Class One. A self-made businessman, outdoorsman, family man, and proud military man Hank has written a book about his early years growing up in New York State, the son of a hardscrabble farmer during the Great Depression.  He has also documented his time in the Navy’s Underwater Demolition Teams as an enlisted man in UDT 2 and UDT 4.


This is his first published work. To order a copy of this book, see below.

To write to the author, email him at   hank@hanktogna.com

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Hank’s book is available to you by ordering it directly from the author.


Mail your check or money order for $16.90  to:


 Enrico Togna

P. O. Box 371

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