HOOYAH! UDT/SEAL Stories of the 1960's

"New Second Edition"

©2004 Richard G. Nickelson

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HOOYAH! UDT/SEAL Stories of the 1960's (Second Edition) is a compilation of 43 stories illustrated with 22 photographs, written by UDT/SEAL operator Richard G. “Nick” Nickelson. The new Second Edition of HOOYAH!  includes many new stories plus all the stories from the First Edition. Most of the stories relate to West Coast BUDS Training and Class-28. The remaining stories relate to specific events supported by the Teams during the 1960's. Historic events such as "The Cuban Missile Crisis", "Project Mercury: Faith 7", and "Naval Pentathlon" are but three examples. This book contains many stories that are humorous and depict the style or character of the individual capable of surviving training and life in the Teams. Other stories relate to historic events and the men from Naval Special Warfare who supported them. All stories document events Team members have been talking and laughing about for years.

This new second edition can be ordered directly from the KNMF website. The New Publisher, "Heritage Books, Inc., will contribute $2.50 to The Kenny Nickelson Memorial Foundation for Homeless Veterans (KNMF), a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt charity for each sale they make. To order from KNMF use the new order form found here (HOOYAH! Order Form) or go to the KNMF website at www.knmf.org and pay with PayPal - couldn't be easier. There is no extra charge for Shipping and handling (S&H is FREE). All proceeds attributed to the author (Nick Nickelson) will go directly to the Kenny Nickelson Memorial Foundation for Homeless Veterans and Children, Inc. If you order the book through KNMF approx. $10 from the sale of each book will benefit this charitable organization. No further copies of the First Edition will be printed.  Sales by JoNa Books do not benefit KNMF or the Author.  KNMF is selling the remains of the First Edition that they have in stock.

For inquiries contact: Doris Nickelson, phone (310) 545-2937, or FAX (310) 939-7738 or email HOOYAH@KennyNickelsonMemorialFoundation.org


Book Reviews:

For those true "Teams" enthusiasts this second edition rendered by Mr. Nickelson is a must read!


His talent for reliving "Our" past, some 40 plus years ago is truly heart warming.  Nothing but more truth, emotion, and devotion. 


His related events are not pumped with hype nor sensationalism--but simply the "GRIT" which each "Team Mate" possessed.  "Simply basic, thorough, and natural easy reading!"


Thank You, Richard G. "Nick" Nickelson and family - "A Hearty Well Done!"


Love You Brother, Hadji "Jim Foley," B.U.D.S. Class 28, 1962




I enjoyed reading your book, and discovered that we share friendships with some of the same people.  Bob Wagner was a good friend and, I in fact, relieved him at DaNang in 1964.  As there were only 60 of us in the first Seal team, we got to know each other rather well in a short period of time.  Tom McDonald, Frank Waton, and I went through training together in class 23.  Ted Mathison, R.E., Roger Sick, Roger Moscone, Tiz Morrison (by the way, like Beartracks, Tiz was the ultimate pickup man), Richard Allen, Beartracks, and another Allen who was a welter weight boxing champion, whose first name escapes me, Roscoe Thrift, Layton Bassett, and the list goes on and on of people I knew in a way that only another team member would understand.  I think of my teammates often.  I was on the All-Navy Boxing team, certainly not at the same level of expertise as Richard Allen or Bob, for that matter, but between being a boxer as well as being combative measures instructor for ST1, suspect that was why Bob and I had a close affinity with one another.  I enlisted in the Navy in 1956 at 17, spent 2 years on a destroyer before I could get into the teams.  I was a RM1-P1 in 1963, and was leading Petty Officer for 37A ops out of DaNang in 1964.  I was in UDT-12 from 1959-1962 (4th Platoon with Paul McNally and Lloyd Cobb, who seemed to snatch up all of the jocks right out of training.  Did you ever work with Delmar Fredrickson?  David Wilson?  David was the 2nd Seal killed in combat), and Seal Team ONE from 1962-1965.  Ah, for the good old days!!!  I did not know Bill Robinson while on active duty, but became good friends with him after he retired.  He was one of my biggest fans, and would constantly brag about my academic exploits.  Cathal (Irish) Flynn was and remains a good friend of mine.  We went to Vietnam together.  I decided to take advantage of a scholarship and got out of the Navy in December 1965 and ultimately became a clinical psychologist, after a stint as a high school football coach and math teacher.  I just retired in 2005, finishing up my career as Chief, Department of Behavioral Medicine for Winn Army Community Hospital.  Impresses the hell out of me.  Ha-Ha!!  General Webster would introduce me as the SEAL Shrink, as he said that would give me instant credibility with his troops, and it did!  I also worked with the 160th out of Hunter, if you are familiar of their work with dev group.  We might have met, who knows, but I don't recall you by name.  Sometimes I would instruct UDT personnel in karate and judo, or we could have met on the rugby or football field.  It was sad, but at the beginning of the formation of Seal Team ONE, "they" moved us away from the strand to a nondescript supply Quonset hut on base, so we had little contact with our former teammates.  At any rate, it is entirely possible that we ran into each other.  Your book brought back a flood of memories; can't you tell?

Take care,

Dennis McCormack