Green Brothers

By John Gulick



Were we brothers painted green and black

With sharpened steel on belts acock

And heavy from grenades and clips

Of ammo nicely packed in boxes?


Were we loyal and true to the call

That was trumpeted with drum beats, those

Orders that found us grouped and volunteers

Or some jaunt with devils and madmen?


Or were we grim and hard survivors, numb,

Cut off from feeling anything, our

Senses king and attuned to every

Change that would be a threat to living?


Itís hard to answer all these questions

Because every answer in the vast

Universe would fit particularly

For those of us who danced with death and lived.



John Gulick

BUD/S Class 35 wc

August 1, 1995  4:56 p.m.

San Francisco, California


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