Chip Maury, UDT/SEAL Combat Photographer

l to r, Jim Redline, Bud Gardner, Chip Maury, Frank Bomar, John Ware

Donald P. "Chip" Maury

Chip Maury was a Team photographer for west coast UDT and SEAL Team ONE as well as a member of the LEAP FROGS. Teammate Barry Enoch, in his book "TEAMMATES: SEALs AT WAR", writes of a SEAL Team ONE, ALFA Platoon operation in which Chip participates. Click here to read that excerpt from Enoch's book.

Currently a photographer for the Indianapolis Star, Maury recently exhibited several of his Vietnam photographs at THE INDIANAPOLIS ART CENTER's "The Art of Combat: Artists and the Vietnam War, Then and Now"

This year, 2001, Chip will retire to his wooded property in upstate New York where he and Judy will be neighbors to teammate and friend, Tractor Dan Gearhart.

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