Larry Bailey

Author, journalist, former Navy SEAL, Larry Bailey

CAPT Larry Bailey draws on his 27 years as a Navy SEAL and his keen writing skills to bring to the public's eye the phenomenon known as the "phony, wannabe, SEAL imitator". A frequent contributor to SOLDIER OF FORTUNE Magazine, Capt. Bailey also writes of other SEAL related issues. Reprinted here, with permission of SOF and the author, are ten articles written by Capt. Larry W. Bailey.

U. S. NAVY SEALs: WHAT IT TAKES! (October 1993)

HIGH-RISK BOUNTY HUNTING...Texas P. I. Pursues Most Dangerous Game (April 1994)

THE PREACHER IS A SEAL? (November 1994)

DEATH OF A SOLDIER...Fates SEALed by Friendly Fire (March 1995)

FAKE SEALS AND PHONY FROGS...Unmasking the Great Pretenders (July 1995)

"SWIMMER" UP A TREE...SOF Examines A Questionable SEAL Book (November 1996)

GOOD TO GO...7th Platoon at My Tho (December 1997)

COVERT WARRIOR: OVERT FANTASY...Walter Mitty At The Helm (June 1997)

SEAL TEAM TWO...PRUs To The Rescue (January 1998)

STOLEN VALOR...Profiles Of A Phony-Hunter (November 1998)

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